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Caio Bowen - Ironman Wales 2022

19 September 2022

When I first got into triathlon and joined Cardiff Triathletes, I had the dream of competing in Ironman Wales. With the help and the coaching of the club I am now an Ironman! In 2018 I was unable to swim, and thanks to the coaches, I felt like a fish, even with the horrendous currents, I was comfortable and trusted my training.

There are many words I could use right now to describe the support I had on IM Wales from my teammates, but to put it into one word it was incredible. Seeing everyone on heartbreak hill definitely gave me the motivation to power up it and made sure I had a big smile on my face. Even during the run, where my mind was in a deep dark place, seeing everyone cheering me on brought me back and ready to get on the red carpet strong as ever.

I’ve been a member now since 2018, and feel very privileged and happy to be a part of such an amazing club. I have made friends and learnt a lot. Cardiff Tri is not only my club, but has also become my family. I can’t thank everyone enough, not only for the support on race day, but for the all the support from when I first joined to facing the dragon. I can’t wait for many more years with everyone #bestclubintheworld