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Cardiff Triathletes

Cardiff Triathletes was formed in 1984 by a small group of people interested in the, then, new sport of triathlon.

The objectives of the club are to encourage and promote the sport of triathlon in the Cardiff and the surrounding area.

The club is affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation via Welsh Triathlon and individual members are encouraged to join these organisations.

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Nice photos

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some photos from IMF are up in the gallery, will post more in due course

cardifftri.net v3

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OK, this version 3 of the cardifftri.net website. Read the articles below and get posting! Feel free to duplicate old articles here.


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You could upload your image to an online photo service like Flickr or photobucket. Then grab the HTML for the link to the photo and stick it into your post by clicking the insert image button in the toolbar.

Remember that we also have a Cardiff Tri Flickr Group that you may want to add your photos to. 

Or, another way to add an image to your news item is to ask an admin (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
 to resize it and upload it for you. You can also ask me to add it to the news article for you, or add it yourself using the "images" panel at the bottom of the "add content" page. Set your cursor where you'd like to see the image appear in your article and click the I button beneath the editing area. (The I in the orange flower).

Bar images

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The photos in the side bars are randomly selected from a folder. If you have any images that you think would be appropriate for this, email them to the Webmaster with instructions. Images suited to a portrait orientation would be best.

How to write newsflashes

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News flashes are news items that remain "stuck" to the top of the news page. If there are more than one news flash they will cycle around with each page refresh.

If you'd like your news item to stay stuck to the top you'll need to let the webmaster know and he'll reclassify it. Ideally it would be good to let the webmaster know when to take it off, too.

Note: you cannot add comments to newsflashes.

How to submit news

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When you've registered and logged in, you'll see a new "user menu" in the left bar. One of the links here is to submit news.

After writing your piece, click on the save icon at the top left of that editing page. If you do not have "publisher" status, you will need to email the administrator ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to get upgraded.

Most semi-regular contributers have "publisher" rights. When writing a news article, look at the boxes at the bottom of the page with tabs labelled, "Images", "Publishing" and "Metadata". Choose the "Publishing" tab, change the "State" to "Published", and check the box that says, "Show on Front Page". When you submit your news article it should be published to the news page immediately.

Check these boxes.

N.B. If you're writing a long piece of news, it's far safer to write it first on your computer in an application like MS Word. Then copy and paste it in to the website.

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