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Cardiff Triathletes

Cardiff Triathletes was formed in 1984 by a small group of people interested in the, then, new sport of triathlon.

The objectives of the club are to encourage and promote the sport of triathlon in the Cardiff and the surrounding area.

The club is affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation via Welsh Triathlon and individual members are encouraged to join these organisations.

Club news


The Grand Finale

Written by Flipper on .

The final event of the Members League is still on for this Sunday, 4pm at Daves Gym. It is an endurance based event that should last about 1hour. Any volunteers to help with timing etc would be great. Hope you can all make it. Please post below if so, so that I can get an idea of numbers.

As for the swim event, I shall be taking the results of Tuesday's 200TT. All those who didn't do it (including me) have until next Thursdays swim session to fit it in.

Ta very much!


October Committee Meeting

on .

The Committee held its monthly meeting on Tuesday 2nd October. Here are some of the items discussed.


New Forest Middle Distance 23/09/07 Report

Written by Michael Battersby on .

Entered the New Forest Middle Distance Tri (1.9/90/21 km) on Sunday, 23rd so here are my thoughts on a great event.

Entered as part of my “forced” Ironman training plan – TryaTry 6th May; Tuska sprint 15th July, Bryn Bach standard 29th July, New Forest Middle 23rd Sept, leading to - West Australian Ironman 2 Dec.  Howz that for optimism!


Club Tops

Written by Gumby on .

Club Fat Face tops were handed out to standing order members tonight, we took the chance to take a team pic...

club photo

Maindy Track

Written by Mark Suret on .

The Wednesday cycle track sessions are supposed to be starting again this week if anyone is interested. I'll probably be going along, so speak to me if you want to try it out. It's scheduled from 1900-2100, but you can stay for as long as you like, and the first 30 minutes is normally a warm-up. All yours for £2.50.


Written by Mark Suret on .

From Kat

The team sweats are finally here, and look great! If you're a paid up member of the club and want one please be in the bar at the end of swimming on Tuesday.


Also.. Anyone who helps me carry them in from the car, gets first pick- club rules!!