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Cardiff Triathletes

Cardiff Triathletes was formed in 1984 by a small group of people interested in the, then, new sport of triathlon.

The objectives of the club are to encourage and promote the sport of triathlon in the Cardiff and the surrounding area.

The club is affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation via Welsh Triathlon and individual members are encouraged to join these organisations.

Club news


25 mile pairs cycle time trial

Fancy a go at a 25 mile cycle time trial with a partner? 

Every year we enter a few teams for the event at Port Talbot/Neath which this year is on Sunday 17th March. Basically its 25 mile against the clock in pairs. You are racing against the clock so it doesn't matter if you are Wiggo like as you won’t get left behind! Course is pretty much flat. You don’t need a TT bike, just a racing bike is fine. Male/female/mixed categories so no excuse!

Obviously you are free to sort out your own entry, however it would be good to coordinate in a single submission. Cost is £9 each person. See me at a Tues swim, Wed turbo, or message me if you need to chat/find out more.
This could be a logistical nightmare so I’m going to do this in 2 passes. 

1. If you are interested, check your diaries and if keen then post interest here or on club facebook page. This will give me a chance to see how we are shaping up. Only do this if you can commit. Contact me outside of this link if you have a query/need to find out more before responding. This is one of those things that, because it’s a team, if you commit you MUST turn up on the day otherwise you let the Club and your partner down. If it were me I’d expect you to stump up the rest of the entry fee too! You need to respond by 6th Feb to show interest/availability. That will give me a couple of weeks to sort pairs out so you can get out and practice! 
2. I will confirm pairs and sort out forms etc by 26th Feb and submit by end Feb as entry closes 5th March. Therefore you will need to have paid by the Tues 26th swim (give cash to me or Chairman Deans). No payment – no entry. 

Sorry if this sounds a bit official but am trying to avoid a last minute panic! Ideally club shirts should be worn as it’s an official event – not vital, but it’s your chance to look like a pro for the day! No doubt we could borrow some if you don’t have one yet. 

With the size of the club it will be difficult for me to get pairing right as I don’t know everyone. I can talk to you about your level etc, but chat amongst yourselves and feel free to nominate your own pairs when registering interest. To get the best of the race you must be evenly matched in terms of ability, and be happy with the backside you’ll be looking at for an hour or so!

As an indication – last year the winners did 53 mins, last place 1hr 21 mins (@19mph). Club did between 1.03 and 1.06 for mid-pack placings.



Socials Update 2013

Written by Adam Wardle.

Hi all, I'm not sure yet what my situation is with role as Social Secretary, nonetheless, I have posted up some socials ideas for first 1/3 of 2013:

1) Killer Queen @ Welsh Millennium Centre, Sat 16/02/13, 7:30pm, £16.
2) Lloyd Langford @ Muni Arts Centre Pontypridd, Thu 07/03/13, 8:00pm £9 adv. or £11 door.
3) McCoys 2013 Premier League Darts @ CIA, Thu 21/03/13, £22.75.
4) Judgement Day: back-to-back Rugby (Dragons vs Scarlets / Blues vs Ospreys) @ Millennium Stadium, Sat 30/03/13, 2:30pm, £26.90.
5) Josh Widdicombe @ Glee Club, Thu 25/04/13, £10 NUS, £13 other.

Personally, I quite fancy 3, 4) and 5) although somewhat pricey. I would be grateful if people could post comments on what events they are likely to want to attend. Also, any suggestions outside of this list is welcome. I know Nicky Palmer and Paul Evans suggested laser guns before Christmas, who would be game for toy gunning it up?

There will of course be skittles first week or so of May, before Blaenavon.




Written by patrick.

Sorry guys, the pavements around the park are icy in lots of places and not really conducive to our session or safe group running.

if you don't have to go to work tomorrow i would encourage you to do some running offroad in the daylight in the parks....take it fairly steady for obvious reasons...it'll switch some muscles on that you didn't know you had! Just don't blame me if you fall over!



Hi all,

it's that time of year again for people to start thinking about what kit they would like to order for the upcoming season. The club kit is supplied by KALAS and the club subsidise the costs by 33%. I would like to put the order in on the 6th February. This will be the absolute final deadline so please try and see James or myself before then. People will need to specify what they want to order and pay upfront. With such a lot of members, this makes it much easier to manage.

Kit items cover most cycling and triathlon products including jerseys,shorts,bib tights, jackets, gillets, tri suits etc. Running vest order will be placed at a later date as this is through a different supplier and their lead times are much shorter.

This year we have designed a new 'limited edition' jersey which I will release details of shorty. It is to both celebrate the upcoming 30year anniversary 2013/14. There will only be one order of this jersey! It is similar to the existing one with more white in it. I will post a picture as soon as I get a proof from kalas.

Myself and James will be at swimming (both sessions) this week and next week so try and catch up with us when you can. I have a sample kit so people can get an idea of products and sizes. 



Jon Airey 94 100 88 97 379
Stuart Baker 82 85 94 91 352
Miles Brown 91 97 73 88 349
Dan Miles 100 94 100 0 294
David Powell 88 61 58 82 289
Nigel Taylor 76 76 40 73 265
Andy Deans 58 82 43 70 253
Jason Impey 67 70 49 61 247
Bev Lewis 43 58 52 55 208
Owen Evans 70 0 61 76 207
Martin Power 46 64 31 52 193
Hef Davies 52 55 85 0 192
Paul Evans 0 0 91 85 176
Elaine Ferguson 0 0 70 88 158
Claire Manson 79 0 0 67 146
Adam Wardle 0 0 64 79 143
Mike Battersby 85 0 55 0 140
David Gunthorpe 0 73 67 0 140
Huw Robert- Thomas 0 49 76 0 125
Hiroko 0 0 46 64 110
Scott Davies 0 0 0 100 100
Phill Martin 64 0 34 0 98
Matt Wheeler 97 0 0 0 97
Wayne Beynon 0 0 97 0 97
Britta Ga 0 0 37 58 95
Mike Boole 0 0 0 94 94
Phill Freeman 0 91 0 0 91
Jess Blain 0 88 0 0 88
James Manson 0 88 0 0 88
Jo 0 82 0 0 82
Martin Purnell 0 0 82 0 82
Ian Jenkins 0 79 0 0 79
Andrew Maclean 0 0 79 0 79
Paul Davies 73 0 0 0 73
Niall Foster 0 67 0 0 67
Gordon Knowles 61 0 0 0 61
Mark Roe 55 0 0 0 55
Rob Harrison 0 52 0 0 52
Keri Hutchinson 49 0 0 0 49
Julia Suret 0 0 0 49 49


Miles Brown 91 97 73 88 529
Stuart Baker 82 85 94 91 500
Jon Airey 94 100 88 97 475
David Powell 88 61 58 82 465
Andy Deans 58 82 43 70 437
Dan Miles 100 94 100 0 418
Jason Impey 67 70 49 61 407
Nigel Taylor 76 76 40 73 405
Bev Lewis 43 58 52 55 396
Martin Power 46 64 31 52 389
Mike Battersby 85 0 55 0 356
Hef Davies 52 55 85 0 320
David Gunthorpe 0 73 67 0 288
Claire Manson 79 0 0 67



Steady Cycle 9:00am Maindy (30 miles)

Written by Adam Wardle.

Hi all,

I will be going out on the bike for a 'steady ride' Saturday morning at 9:00am. Approximately 30 miles round trip from Maindy Leisure centre. Route is as follows: Rudry, Bassaleg, Draethen, Caerphilly, Taffs Well and then back to Maindy, Cardiff. The usual rules apply as per Andrew Deans steady ride (see club website). The pace will be manageable for almost anyone new to the club. I am wining and dining at 1:00pm, therefore, I would like to be back home by 12:00 midday if not before (3hrs).

Please see Google maps link for reference: http://goo.gl/maps/B7XRJ

Let me know if you plan to turn up.





Written by patrick.

Running as usual on the 17th December meet at Juboraj, for a 6.30pm start

NO RUNNING on 24th December or 31st December

Back to normal on the 7th of January